A cat post. Sort of.

I found this in a seemingly normal wine shop.

cat wine

Me:  Explain yourself.

Volker:   What the hell is that?

cat wine 2

Me:  Hello.  It comes from your people.  You should know.

Volker:  Honey Boo Boo comes from your people so you go first.

Me:  Well played.

Volker:  Are you going to drink it?

Me:  I don’t drink cat.  I’m allergic.

Volker:  Then why did you buy it?

Me:  It’s wine in a cat.  Who could pass that up?  Oh, and I’ve decided to start a bizarre-bottle wine collection.

Volker:  When did you decide this?

Me:  Just this second.  I’m gonna need a wine cellar, one of those refrigerator things, a grape stencil and a couple of those giant barrels.

Volker:  Gather up a few different bottles and then we’ll talk.

Me:  You think I’m gonna get bored.  This is not like the frog-in-yoga-pose collection.  After downward frog, they just weren’t that funny.

Volker:  I give it a week.  We’ve got a lot of collections consisting of one item filling up this house.  You should just call them decor at this point or random shit – collection just seems wrong.

Oh, it’s on!  So, now I’m in the market for wine in a yeti, frog, shark, alien, and sloth.  I think that’s a good start but I’m open to suggestions.  Keep your eyes peeled, people.  I need to win this one for impulse shoppers everywhere.


American German – language lesson #17

Katzenklo, Katzenklo, ja das macht die Katze froh (cat-zen-klo cat-zen-klo  ya das makt dee cat-sa fro) – Cat toilet, cat toilet, yes that makes the cat happy.  It’s a famous German song.  Sounds a little bit like Jingle Bells.  You’re welcome.


  1. does it have to be wine?….I’ve seen lots of ‘characters’ but they weren’t necessarily wine bottles. 🙂

    • julieyoujest says:

      In a pinch, I’m good with bizarre character bottles. Especially if it’s a yeti or a sloth! Volker won’t be fooled though. Even so, I could fill this house up with some crazy shit – I mean – whimsical awesomeness.

  2. If you’re up for online shopping, looks like Etsy has some interesting stuff for you like a Lima Peru figural wine bottle and one that’s shaped like a fish. (Just what I always wanted — to drink out of a fish.)


    Suzanne Lucas recently posted…My Teeth Keep Falling Out: A Master Guide to Deciphering your Crazy DreamsMy Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      Did you ever know that you’re my heeerooo? (I’m serenading you)

      I’m gonna have to get some of that fish wine!


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