A Naughty Apron Painting Party

Last night I went to a naughty apron painting party.  Yep, you read that right.  Karrie Evenson hosted it at her studio.  She’s a local artist and she’s fabulous.

This is one of her paintings. Love it.


If you’d like to check out her work, there’s a link below. You can purchase originals or prints.   She also has a series of instructional videos to help bring out your inner artist – she’s fantastic.

Karrie Evenson Art

I show up to the studio ready to sling some paint.


The other women show up ready for a Junior League meeting.  I didn’t get the dress code memo.  I’m feeling a bit out of place (I’m an insecure, awkward goober at heart) but in no time these funny, smart, very well coifed women put me at ease and we start our apron masterpieces.

Here’s mine

my apron

Smurf being felt up by an alien.  I bet you didn’t know that Suzette had a purple muppet hoo-hoo.  Mokey Fraggle was her momma and she had a very long torso.  It’s art, people!

Here’s Karrie (it’s her art studio)


After a few drinks, the girls modeled their creations:

apron ladies



Group photo – This photo is saying, “These women are fun and fabulous, except the one on the left – she may be having a seizure!”

And finally, things got a little out of hand or someone had their hands full – something with hands…

Inappropriate apron

What bothers me most about this picture is that I don’t have a chin and I look gigantic.  I’m not at all disturbed by the purple bush thrust or my new best friend invading my “personal” space.

me and karrie

A great time was had by all.  Thanks to Karrie Evenson for hosting such a fun event!  I recommend that all y’all get up and sling some paint.  You won’t regret it – unless there’s a camera and you’re painting body parts and you’re dressed inappropriately, then you might but I totally do not!


American German – language lesson #9

Ich habe einen lila Vagina. (ick ha-ba I-nen lee-la vwa-geen-a) – I have a purple vagina. You might consider contacting a medical professional or Jim Henson.  Oh, and Leela Vwageena is my new favorite phrase.  Volker seems to like it as well.  Mother-in-law Margret is not amused.


  1. Wow need to have Naughty Apron Party in Oklahoma!!! As for the fuzzy ball Vajayjay I think there’s a cream for that!!!

    • julieyoujest says:

      You’re hilarious. What store has a fuzzy ball vajayjay section? I’m shopping in all the wrong places.

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