P is for Phallic but maybe not on purpose – It’s totally on purpose

As I get further into the alphabet, I feel like I’m slipping further into crazy land.  I should just apologize.  Sorry.  Please read on.  It shouldn’t do any permanent damage. During our anniversary weekend a while back, we visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We’ve always loved Eureka Springs.  In the middle of nowhere and for no […]

O is for Oh my god, it’s going to suck out my bones!

Easter Sunday I started coming down with this lung thing that I’ve been complaining about for the past three weeks – I’ve been out of it y’all.   Since I’m feeling better (I may even leave the house today), I thought I’d do some detective work to see how this whole thing started.  Here’s what I […]

N is for Numb

Yesterday, I was going to write about my hometown of Miami, Oklahoma, but since I’m always behind and trying to play catch up, I was still writing when the tragic events happening in Boston started to unfold. After that, I couldn’t wrap my brain around much of anything.  Miami will be a topic for another […]

L is for Language (the foul kind – you’ve had fair warning)

I love to cuss.  I didn’t do it growing up and now I’m spewing years of repressed anger expletives like I have some kind of quota I’m supposed to meet and I’m dreadfully behind. One problem (yes, just one), screaming profanity in public is generally frowned upon by polite society.  One tiny F-bomb dropped at […]

K is for Kiss my ass, Universe.

Amy McGinis (my partner in crime for E day) double-dog-dared me to name my post that and you can’t just say no to a double-dog-dare. I’m giving the universe a giant F U today.  Sometimes, things happen that just make no freaking sense.  Zero.  So, I’m a bit pissed off  but mostly, honestly, I’m sad. […]

J is for Jumble (It was an honest mistake)

‘I’ was for I’m sorry, I was unconscious yesterday. The steriods and constant flow of albuterol have done their magic and I’m feeling somewhat better.  I’m not up and walking around my house or anything crazy like that but I’m breathing a bit easier and breathing is awesome. The other night at dinner, my 76 […]

H is for Happy (but that has nothing to do with this post)

We’re only on Day 8 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and today marks the second time I’ve written a post with the wrong letter because apparently, I don’t know how the alphabet works. At least I’m ready for tomorrow. Oh, and I’ve totally gone off theme today. What is wrong with me? […]

G is for Glasses (they’re magical)

Third grade did not start well for me.  I was in Mrs. Beachamp’s class where  I sat in the back row.  I would stretch as far as I could over my desk to try and figure out what she was doing.  It looked like she was fake writing on the board.  She did it all […]

F is for Fight (Spoiler – I totally win)

My sister was four years old when I was born.  She may have been excited about the prospect of having a little sister, but once I actually showed up…let’s just say, I took up too much of momma’s time.  Instead of blaming our parents, Paula turned her outrage my way. Here are a few of […]

E is for Everclear (you really can’t detect that stuff)

I was such a good girl growing up.  Seriously, I did little to no wrong. (Stop laughing, Sam)  Well, there was this one time. In 10th grade, Amy McGinis took me to a party (that’s right, I’m naming names) and in the kitchen there was this trash can full of punch and a watermelon.   I […]