D is for Do-Over and Dog

I’m taking a mulligan and approaching this A to Z Challenge a bit differently than when I started three days ago.  I’m still figuring this blog thing out.  Yes, I’m playing the “I’m new” card again.  How long do I get with that card?  6 months? A year?  Either way, I still have time. My […]

B is for Bummer Backstory

In 2005, I had to leave a job that I absolutely loved due to health reasons. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 1991 and while doctors have since tossed around different names for my disease, everyone agrees that I’m sick and something is hokey with my immune system. After the diagnosis, I quickly learned […]

A is for Anniversary and Awww, crap

I’m fixin’ to make this A to Z challenge my bitch, y’all.  Day one and I’m feeling a bit too cocky.  We’ll see how I’m doing after day 3. Friday was our 10th wedding anniversary and my husband took me to the inn in Eureka Springs where we were married. (Aww.  He’s so sweet.)   Then […]

I’m new and don’t know any better.

I’m on the Twitter and something pops up about a challenge – Blogging A to Z  where you post daily about a subject that coincides with whatever letter in the alphabet that day represents (start with A then B, C, D –  yeah, you probably know how the alphabet works.)  I was all, “Challenge accepted!” and thought, […]