MOST of the traditions here I LOVE, Volker.

New Year’s Eve in Austria is amazing.  Seriously, this group knows how to celebrate.  We start by eating six courses of awesome for dinner. After dinner, we roll ourselves outside, have a few drinks and await the countdown.  As soon as the clock strikes 12, guests of the hotel (and several locals) cheer, kiss their […]

I found my way out of Shitville. It took a while (I’d get lost in a circle)

I fell off the planet for over a month.  I’ve been visiting Shitville.  It sucks and it does not get my seal of approval as a vacation destination. Every summer I get a high voltage cortisone shot, this shot gives me a glimpse into an almost normal existence for about a month.  It’s my happy.  […]

So a drunk girl and a German walk into a bar…

Ok, I’m ready to talk about having a drink with actors, mostly because I need to make a public apology. I know I said that I’d had a martini, yeah, that’s because I have no idea what the plural for martini is. Last week while in New York, Volker and I met up with our […]

Cyst and surgery and birthday. Oh, why?

This is not a real post.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’ve seen it on several other blogs and I just want to make sure I’m following blogging etiquette rules.  This is more of an update. Ok, I was missing for a week again.  The past several days have been a bit crazy.  I […]

Ode to Matt Dromi

Matt Dromi is the coolest guy ever.  Yesterday, I met with the team at Modthink for lunch and to plead for help with the blogosphere.  Does anyone even use that term anymore?  If so, can we stop?  I’m not a fan.  Blogosphere – sounds like throw up.  Anyway, I’m sitting beside super genius, Matt Dromi, […]