Star tours of Bentonville

Bentonville, Arkansas is quite the hub for famous people.  Yes, I just typed that with a straight face.  Drew Barrymore is totally moving here and we’ll probably be best friends because she’s quirky and I’m quirky and I can quote Ever After, I loved Boys on the Side, I think Reese’s Pieces are an underrated confection, […]

I’ll see your fish wine and raise you one new bowling obsession.

Last month, we had six Germans visiting us.  There was a bit of rain one week so we were challenged with finding some entertaining indoor activities.  Y’all, Volker discovered, right here in Northwest Arkansas, an indoor go-cart track!  Yee-freaking-haw!  It’s this giant building full of go-carts, bowling lanes, air hockey, skeet ball, beer and testosterone. […]

A day at the wiener and butt museum

Last night we Skyped with Hunter’s parents Hunter (in a can you believe it!? voice):  Hey mom, did you know that I saw naked things?  That were naked!  Soooo naked! Let me explain, I took my four year old nephew to a museum.   Art is for all ages, right? It started off great.  We checked […]

Weekend at JuJu’s (nothing like Bernie’s, except the dead guy)

I have a four year old in my house.  It’s been 17 years since spending this much time with a toddler.   I’m typing this with my eyes closed.   Seriously, how do moms with multiple kids function?  Kudos to all y’all! This is my nephew, Hunter. Isn’t he cute!?  He enjoys reading, the BBC, and quietly […]

Do you mind if I smoke or maybe burst into flames?

My internal thermostat is hokey and I always feel that at any moment I could burst into flames.  Yes, I joke a lot about spontaneous combustion, as do most women whose ovaries have checked out and flipped the bird at estrogen production, but it’s not like it could really happen. WRONG! I’m scanning the news […]

This can’t be normal.

I just realized that this is the second post in a row with dogs and PETA.   This isn’t going to become a thing.  Next post will be about cats. My super powered steroid shot has officially worn off which super sucks because I feel like crap.  As a parting gift, the steroid shot left me […]

A Naughty Apron Painting Party

Last night I went to a naughty apron painting party.  Yep, you read that right.  Karrie Evenson hosted it at her studio.  She’s a local artist and she’s fabulous. This is one of her paintings. Love it. If you’d like to check out her work, there’s a link below. You can purchase originals or prints. […]