Captain Hook – Arkansas style.

I just got back from a short visit to Oklahoma.  I was returning a nephew. This is Austin.  He’s 17 and he loves to fish. He’s been fishing at my house without incident since forever. The day before we left, he was fishing alone off of our dock.  I hear, “Aunt Julie, you’re gonna want […]

It’s not gangrene and there’s a lot of German profanity.

Last week on the phone with my sister… Me:  I have a giant red thing on my neck.  It’s not a hickey. Sherli:  Take a picture. Me:  I can’t get the right angle.  Hold on, I’m walking into the dentist’s office. Me:  (in a packed waiting room to the receptionist)  Hi!  Would you mind taking […]

A giant cruise ship is headed toward Earth. Yep. It’s on the internet.

Today at 3;59 CST, a gianormic asteroid will “pass” by Earth on its way to some planet party. Get this, the name of the asteroid is the 1998 QE2.  The QE2 happens to be the name of an ocean liner and while the asteroid is not technically named after this ocean liner (it followed some science […]

If this thing bites me, will I turn into Medusa? Then turn people into Weeping Angels? I don’t know how it works.

I had a crazy week, y’all.  Sorry for disappearing for 5 days – that’s like 3 months in blog time.  I’m baa-aack. (That’s supposed to sound like Poltergeist, not like a sick lamb.) There’s some kind of crazy infestation of fuzzy creepiness happening at my house.  Earlier this month, they attacked my gardening gloves and […]

I’m awesome at eBay. In other news, I’m grounded from eBay. Again.

Do y’all remember when I bought this? I decided that I wanted to start a bizarre wine bottle collection and my husband brushed it off like I would forget about it.  Well, not so fast hubby, look what I won on eBay last night. WooHoo!  I’m on my way to a full-on collection, y’all.  Here’s […]

What am I proud of? I had to ask my sister.

Yep, I’m posting for Theme Thursday on Friday. If you’re new here, this kind of thing happens all the time. What am I proud of?   So, what am I proud of? I had to stew on this one a bit. There are some obvious answers…my kid, my husband, sisters, brothers, mom, dad, etc. I’m […]

My short-term memory may suck but I can still kick your butt in music trivia. I just won’t remember doing it.

I used to be an intelligent person with crazy good memory.  Unfortunately, my Rain Man brain reached maximum capacity somewhere around the time I turned 25.  Given the type of information I can now retrieve, I wasn’t filling my head with any kind of world changing data.  I can tell you what my phone number […]

My not Mother’s Day post.

I stared at the stupid cursor blinking at me for a very long time wondering how to approach a Mother’s Day post without turning it into a giant bummer.  Not possible.  So I skipped posting on Mother’s Day.  For me, the holiday is bittersweet.  On one hand, I’m a mom and it’s my very own […]

Glove on one hand and poop in your pants…that might not be how the saying goes.

I thought it would be a good idea to plant the geraniums I bought last week before they shrivel up and die.  I was in the process of planting them before Rachel’s whole colon explosion thing happened so the bucket of supplies was still sitting on the walkway up to my house.  Yay.  No prep […]

No more hospital!!

Rachel’s out of the hospital and studying for finals. If a doctor had tried to tell us on Tuesday that by Thursday Rachel would be out of bed for anything other than the bathroom, I would have had them forcibly removed from my presence. Not that I didn’t want her up and around, it just […]