Everyone should own a floating head.

Last week, I was roaming the streets of Innsbruck with Volker and Rachel when we happened upon a store full of awesome.  Antique books and paintings and jewelry and super cool stuff.   Me:  Holy…What the balls?  That is AWESOME! Volker:  What is it? Me:  I was just about to ask you (That took me […]

MOST of the traditions here I LOVE, Volker.

New Year’s Eve in Austria is amazing.  Seriously, this group knows how to celebrate.  We start by eating six courses of awesome for dinner. After dinner, we roll ourselves outside, have a few drinks and await the countdown.  As soon as the clock strikes 12, guests of the hotel (and several locals) cheer, kiss their […]

Mangled in translation -or- I’m gonna need my tongue sandblasted

As soon as we land in Germany, we’re on the hunt for these… Volker was in charge of grabbing them and somehow, he picked up these instead… They weren’t steak flavored instead of peanut butter.  Nope.  That might have been ingestible.  They were steak AND peanut butter.  I can just imagine the face you’re making […]

I’ll see your fish wine and raise you one new bowling obsession.

Last month, we had six Germans visiting us.  There was a bit of rain one week so we were challenged with finding some entertaining indoor activities.  Y’all, Volker discovered, right here in Northwest Arkansas, an indoor go-cart track!  Yee-freaking-haw!  It’s this giant building full of go-carts, bowling lanes, air hockey, skeet ball, beer and testosterone. […]

Kansas, The Bloggess, and a whorehouse

I’m in Kansas visiting friends.  Today, we are road tripping it to St. Louis.  We’re off to see the The Bloggess, the wonderful wizard of web.  Since I’m in Kansas, I’ve been making lots of Wizard of Oz references – Kansans love it when you do that. Yesterday, Cindy and I picked up her 8-year-old […]