I’m awesome at eBay. In other news, I’m grounded from eBay. Again.

Do y’all remember when I bought this? I decided that I wanted to start a bizarre wine bottle collection and my husband brushed it off like I would forget about it.  Well, not so fast hubby, look what I won on eBay last night. WooHoo!  I’m on my way to a full-on collection, y’all.  Here’s […]

X is for X Chromosome – Having two will keep you from turning into a fish monster.

My husband just walked in with a tiny splinter in his pinkie finger Me:  Want me to get some tweezers? Volker:  No, I’ve got it. Then, he GRABS A GIANT HUNTING KNIFE. Me:  What the fuck are you going to do with that? Volker:  I need to open the skin. Me:  Of a bear?  You’re […]

A day at the wiener and butt museum

Last night we Skyped with Hunter’s parents Hunter (in a can you believe it!? voice):  Hey mom, did you know that I saw naked things?  That were naked!  Soooo naked! Let me explain, I took my four year old nephew to a museum.   Art is for all ages, right? It started off great.  We checked […]

Back in the US(S)A and duck farts

I’m back home from our trip to Austria.  I’d be totally depressed if I weren’t sick as a dog.  Although my dogs are healthy as a horse so I’m not sure about that phrase.  My husband gave me a wicked virus as an Austria parting gift. Conversation with my doctor, who’s been my doctor for […]