Antique stores are awesome in Austria…and a bit terrifying.

We’re home!  We flew through Chicago during Fropocalypse, so that was a nightmare…another story for another post.  Today, we’re going back in time to when I was still in Austria. It was our last day in Kirchberg, Volker was ready to hit the slopes (fully dressed in ski garb ready) but as soon as he […]

Mangled in translation -or- I’m gonna need my tongue sandblasted

As soon as we land in Germany, we’re on the hunt for these… Volker was in charge of grabbing them and somehow, he picked up these instead… They weren’t steak flavored instead of peanut butter.  Nope.  That might have been ingestible.  They were steak AND peanut butter.  I can just imagine the face you’re making […]

It’s an almost-Christmas miracle. Miracle is too strong…surprise, maybe or just post. It’s an almost-Christmas post.

It’s been over two months – I know, I’ll explain* later – but today, it’s Christmas (sort of – at least it’s still December).  Happy Holidays!  We’re back in Austria to celebrate the season.  I love this place. We got here in time to celebrate Christmas Eve.  The guests of the hotel gather around and […]

F*Bomb Alert! Several F*Bombs, actually. It’s the name of a town, people!

I’m placing this picture here so the next picture doesn’t show up on your social media site, unless you want it to – then, well…sorry? Real post starts now. Not often do I plead with my husband to take me on a road trip when we’re in Kirchberg, but when I saw that this town […]

Freckles on her nose diddle diddle dee…

I was singing Pippi Longstocking on top of the mountain in Austria. So many people commented on my excellent vocal abilities and impeccable song choice. Me:  ‘Du suck’ is German for ‘awesome, thank you, sing louder!’ Volker:  No. It’s English. Me:  That’s not possible.  It’s some obscure Austrian dialect. Volker:  No it’s not.  Please stop […]

Apparently, I’m an idiot in two languages. I’m bi-idiot, bidiot.

My husband is German, so in keeping with his family tradition, we spend Christmas in Austria every year – SCORE!  Here’s a picture. Pretty. So, the other day, I was supposed to take the bus from one of the ski lifts back into Kirchberg. My family skis.  I pretend ski, which means I slide from […]