Drunk people shouldn’t be in charge of deciding how we spell things and a time warp.

My Day 2 of The ABC’s of Swearing.  It’s everyone else’s Day 4.  This is very fitting given the week I’ve had. If you follow my Tweets (riveting stuff) you may have read that I’m having some issues with the calendar.  It all started Tuesday morning when I woke up thinking it was Monday and […]

Surprisingly, I did not get arrested at the grocery store.

Let’s pretend that I posted this yesterday.  Day one of The ABC’s of Swearing!  Yay!  “A” profanity day. I overdid it a bit yesterday.  First I needed a frame for the painting I bought from Karrie Evenson. “With Love” from her Vivian Red series.  I can’t stop staring at it. That was enough activity for me for […]