I’ll probably lose a finger.

I keep starting a post then moving on to another one without finishing the first one and now I have like a crap-ton of four sentence drafts staring at me like I’m a loser.  Luckily, this came in the mail the other day. Me:  What the…Why? Volker:  It’s here!  Now, I can sharpen all of […]

Everyone should own a floating head.

Last week, I was roaming the streets of Innsbruck with Volker and Rachel when we happened upon a store full of awesome.  Antique books and paintings and jewelry and super cool stuff.   Me:  Holy…What the balls?  That is AWESOME! Volker:  What is it? Me:  I was just about to ask you (That took me […]

I’ll see your fish wine and raise you one new bowling obsession.

Last month, we had six Germans visiting us.  There was a bit of rain one week so we were challenged with finding some entertaining indoor activities.  Y’all, Volker discovered, right here in Northwest Arkansas, an indoor go-cart track!  Yee-freaking-haw!  It’s this giant building full of go-carts, bowling lanes, air hockey, skeet ball, beer and testosterone. […]

Captain Hook – Arkansas style.

I just got back from a short visit to Oklahoma.  I was returning a nephew. This is Austin.  He’s 17 and he loves to fish. He’s been fishing at my house without incident since forever. The day before we left, he was fishing alone off of our dock.  I hear, “Aunt Julie, you’re gonna want […]

A is for Anniversary and Awww, crap

I’m fixin’ to make this A to Z challenge my bitch, y’all.  Day one and I’m feeling a bit too cocky.  We’ll see how I’m doing after day 3. Friday was our 10th wedding anniversary and my husband took me to the inn in Eureka Springs where we were married. (Aww.  He’s so sweet.)   Then […]

And then my toenail tried to kill me

Last week I visited my childhood friend, Samantha, in DC.   She’s having a baby!   We were driving to dinner, just catching up, when she tells this story: Sam:   I was watching The Doctors and this guy thought he had stubbed his toe because he had this black mark on it.   Turns […]

Cyst and surgery and birthday. Oh, why?

This is not a real post.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’ve seen it on several other blogs and I just want to make sure I’m following blogging etiquette rules.  This is more of an update. Ok, I was missing for a week again.  The past several days have been a bit crazy.  I […]

A day at the wiener and butt museum

Last night we Skyped with Hunter’s parents Hunter (in a can you believe it!? voice):  Hey mom, did you know that I saw naked things?  That were naked!  Soooo naked! Let me explain, I took my four year old nephew to a museum.   Art is for all ages, right? It started off great.  We checked […]

Weekend at JuJu’s (nothing like Bernie’s, except the dead guy)

I have a four year old in my house.  It’s been 17 years since spending this much time with a toddler.   I’m typing this with my eyes closed.   Seriously, how do moms with multiple kids function?  Kudos to all y’all! This is my nephew, Hunter. Isn’t he cute!?  He enjoys reading, the BBC, and quietly […]

My dogs might hate me

I’m reading in bed and by reading I mean skimming through Twitter, still in my pajamas (yes, at 5 p.m. sadly, it’s not that unusual) with my window wide open when I see something out of the corner of my eye.  Snow is flying through my open window.  Hello, can you say menopausal?  I was […]