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If you want to send me presents, money, blueberries or a sloth, just leave a message using the form below and we’ll figure something out.

I used to have my address here but a fellow blogger called it “brave” and said, “I’d be afraid I’d get dead rats or something.”    Then I was all, “Holy crap!  I don’t want any dead rats, I prefer frogs.”  But only if it’s a taxidermy frog in a tutu or one dressed as the 10th Doctor with the TARDIS or WHAM or U2 at Red Rocks…really, any taxidermy frog will do.

Also, I’ve read this on several blogs, “All professional inquiries should be sent to my agent.”  I don’t have an agent so any inquiries you send me should be very unprofessional, maybe even dirty.  I’m kidding.  Don’t send me your laundry.  Margaret would get upset.  She has this uncontrollable urge to iron everything.  Also, I wouldn’t mail it back.  I’m terrible at mailing things and cashing checks.  So, send me a check and we’ll see what happens.  If you send me a check for a million dollars, chances are I’m cashing that one, but if you send me a check for twenty cents, your money is probably safe.

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