Cyst and surgery and birthday. Oh, why?

This is not a real post.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’ve seen it on several other blogs and I just want to make sure I’m following blogging etiquette rules.  This is more of an update.

Ok, I was missing for a week again.  The past several days have been a bit crazy.  I dropped off Hunter on Thursday night and early Friday morning my daughter, Rachel, was in surgery.  It was a planned out-patient surgery, so no rushing to the ER freaking out and screaming at doctors like when her appendix perforated and ruptured which I had originally thought was mayonnaise food poisoning and waited two days to take her to the hospital (I didn’t get the Mother of the Year award that year).  This was a calm, thoroughly explained, three tiny incisions kind of surgery.  Except that calm is not in my arsenal of mom tools.  That IV shot of Valium they give patients prior to wheeling them off should be shared with all parents having to wait.  Also, this surgery was “planned” for March 27th; we had to move it up to her birthday weekend because she was miserable.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Saturday was Rachel’s 21st birthday?

Happy Birthday! Have some Percocet.

We were very lucky.  It was literally the best-case scenario.  She’s ready to return to campus and I’m ready to resume my regularly scheduled programming.


Rachel catching snow on her tongue – way before surgery.

I do have an exciting adventure planned this week!  Road trip to St. Louis.  I couldn’t have The Bloggess that close and not go see her.  Hopefully, I won’t make myself out to be a giant dufus (since I am a giant dufus, this means I’m going to need to take it down a notch).  What are the chances of getting two best-case scenarios in the same week?  For me, snowball and hell come to mind.

American German – language lesson #22

Eierstöcke kann eine Schlampe sein. (eye-er-stoke-a can eye-na shlamp-a sine) – Ovaries can be a bitch.  Luckily, Rachel’s are now perfect but only after eight months of torture.  Also, the German word for ovary is  Eierstöck, which translates to ‘eggs stock’ and fallopian tube is Eileiter, which translates to ‘egg conductor’.  I think I prefer the German translation to our English words.  Fallopian tube sounds like something that should be connected to a carburetor.



  1. Have fun in St. Louis. I love The Bloggess too — BTW, professional tip: if you add a link to her name in your blog and then tag it, you’ll get a lot more page views (this goes for any high traffic site)

    • julieyoujest says:

      Thanks for the tip! I know what a link is but I’m going to have to google the tag thing. Doing it now.

      • Kellimwheeler says:

        If you’re using WordPress it’s a sidebar on Add New Post. Just type in any word from your blog that you think will net a search term on Google

        • julieyoujest says:

          I did it. I’m feeling very tech advanced, which is ridiculous considering I can’t figure out why several subscription emails aren’t sending and why the Facebook like counter on all my posts reset to zero and I have no idea what a child’s theme is or how to get one or if I even need one…it’s a long list but for a minute, I felt smart. Thank you!

          Small victories are better than none. Most of the reading I’m doing these days is on WordPress help forums – so captivating, I just can’t put it down.

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