F*Bomb Alert! Several F*Bombs, actually. It’s the name of a town, people!

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Real post starts now.

Not often do I plead with my husband to take me on a road trip when we’re in Kirchberg, but when I saw that this town existed and was only a few short hours away, well how could he say no?  Easily.

Me:  Oh. My. God.  There’s a Fucking, Austria!

Volker:  It’s pronounced “Vooking”

Me:  Not where I come from.  It’s only two hours away!  We can’t get there by train but we could rent a car and drive.  If we left now we could be back by dinner.

Volker:  Are you insane?  Why?

Me:  Why!?  So we can take a picture by this sign!  What is wrong with you?


Volker:  Yeah.  No.


So I called my sister, Sherli (I know).  We spent some time designing a T-shirt.  Fucking, Austria’s Tourist Board should definitely call us.


And here it is on a map.

f-ing austria

Me:  Does that look like a penis?

Volker:  I don’t even know how to respond to that.  No, unless it was involved in a terrible accident, then maybe.

While we can’t compete with Fucking, we do have a Bald Knob here in Arkansas.  Please tell me there are more awesome town names out there.  Oh the places you can go.


American German – language lesson #7

Bitte nicht so schnell! (bitta nikt soo shnel) – Please not so fast!  Use as warranted.



  1. Tightwad, MO!

  2. julieyoujest says:

    Right!? I thought it was just me.

  3. “It’s pronounced Vooking.”
    “Not where I come from!”


    So, I came to your blog from a comment on the Bloggess’ blog. If you wondered why a random wacko was commenting on an entry from last month.
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  4. Nowhere, WV
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