Freckles on her nose diddle diddle dee…

I was singing Pippi Longstocking on top of the mountain in Austria.


So many people commented on my excellent vocal abilities and impeccable song choice.

Me:  ‘Du suck’ is German for ‘awesome, thank you, sing louder!’

Volker:  No. It’s English.

Me:  That’s not possible.  It’s some obscure Austrian dialect.

Volker:  No it’s not.  Please stop singing.

Me:  I can’t.  I’m bringing joy to the Alps.  The hills are alive…

You’re welcome, America.


American German – language lesson #4

Halt die Schnauze!  (halt dee schnou sa) – Stop your snout!  Fairly similar to “Shut the hell up, bitch”.  It’s incredibly rude and should only be used when wanting to be offensive.  Margret taught me this one.

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