My husband’s epiphany or The new Bonnie and Clyde (actually, just Clyde)

I’ve been in D.C. for Samantha’s baby shower. We’ve been friends since we were 12 and she’s having her first baby – yay!  I’ll tell y’all about that later but meanwhile, I though I’d share a story that happened last week.

Volker and I were standing on a side street in New York City in a perfect position to see all the splendor of Times Square when he took my hand and with a giddy excitement in his tone, opened this conversation:

Volker:  Do you know what’s the coolest thing about New York City?

Me:  What? (I’m thinking something sweet and romantic is about to happen…awww)

Volker:  You can actually jaywalk right in front of a police officer and they don’t care.

Me:  Seriously?  That’s the COOLEST thing in all of New York City – the architecture, museums, Broadway, the lights, the food – all edged out by crossing the street outside of the lines?

Volker:  Yes, right in front of a cop!  You can’t just do that everywhere.

Me:  Wow.  Does everyone know about this?  Is it actually written in a guidebook or did you just go wild and test it out to see what would happen?   What’s next?  Are you going to litter?

Volker:  You’re such a smartass.

Me:  Really dear, go nuts. Just keep in mind that one cab driver out of the loop could put a serious damper on your fun.

I’ve snagged me quite the rebel, folks.  I just hope this isn’t the beginning of some weird mid-life crisis that ends with Volker in an orange vest cleaning up on the side of some highway.  Maybe this was a cry for help.
Times Square

American German – language lesson #28

Taxifahrer nicht für Fußgänger stoppen. (taxi-far-er nickt fur fuss-gang-er stop-pen) – Cab drivers don’t stop for pedestrians. This is universal.

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