No more hospital!!

Rachel’s out of the hospital and studying for finals. If a doctor had tried to tell us on Tuesday that by Thursday Rachel would be out of bed for anything other than the bathroom, I would have had them forcibly removed from my presence. Not that I didn’t want her up and around, it just felt very improbable. But here we are. I catch myself stopping mid-step and just looking at her with my head tilted and mouth opened seriously wondering if this past week was just some kind of weird time-jumpy thing that was supposed to be wiped from my memory. But I remember and now that Rachel is all safe and sound, I can breathe- yay!

And sleep. I certainly wasn’t getting much sleep on the torture device provided by the hospital.

This guy is an asshole.

This guy is an asshole.


I’m pretty sure the thing was stuffed with misery and old, rusted fish hooks.

It was like sleeping on teeth.  Not the comfortable kind.  It may have eaten my other leg.

It was like sleeping on teeth. Not the comfortable kind. It may have eaten my other leg.


Not that I had the opportunity to stay still for any large span of time. Without fail, as soon as I’d sit down, Rachel would need something – Bathroom! I’m hot. I’m freezing. Hold my hand. I need pain medicine. My feet aren’t covered. – I jumped to fulfill every need possible. It’s like I had some weird chemical release happening that allowed me to function through exhaustion and my own wicked pain. Why can’t they figure out what that chemical is and bottle it? Seriously, science guys, who’s working on that?

Whatever that chemical was, it has left the building. I’m spent.

Saturday morning, before this whole hospital thing, Rachel was packing up her stuff on campus and bringing a car load home. She wasn’t excited about carrying it up the stairs, so she tried flying it…

I think she's saying the spell wrong.

I think she’s saying the spell wrong.


It's all fun and games until the suitcase gets pissed and tries to buck you off.

It’s all fun and games until the suitcase gets pissed and tries to buck you off.

Five days of crazy and now, we’re pretty much back to normal. I’m going to research if there was a TARDIS sighting in the area.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

I think it’s H day. I’ll be taking y’all through the alphabet with some German swear words. You’re welcome.

American German – language lesson #59

Heilige Scheisse! (high-leg-a shy-sa) Holy shit! This one is fun to say and describes my past week perfectly.

Margret: You can’t write this! That is a bad word in Germany. A very bad word.

Me: It’s not a bad word in the US. So, technically, since I’m in Arkansas, I’m not offensive. It’s a bad word loophole.



  1. I think Margret misses the point of the ABCs of Swearing Challenge. Glad to hear the kiddo is home safe and sound. Guess my finger-crossing worked out after all. 😉
    Marjorie McAtee recently posted…I’m Pretty Sure No One Really Expects You to Be Friends with Your ExMy Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      You have magical powers in those fingers!

      That could sound dirty if taken out of context. Get your minds out of the gutter, people!

  2. wohooo amazing news!!! i am glad she is out of there!

    I don’t wanna be a party pooper but I think it is Heilige Scheisse…or you could say Heiliger Scheiss, you might have just shtuck the e at the end there.

    Man you bring back cursing memories!
    Poke The Rock recently posted…Day 9: AppreciationMy Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      Oops!! My spell check doesn’t like any German words so I don’t pay attention to the red squiggle lines. I’m saying in my head ‘High-leg-a’ and writing Heiliger – what is wrong with me? My husband will tease me for this…even if I fix it, he already has the email. wah wah

      Thanks for the heads up! Once I put Toilettenkauf instead of Toilettenkopf – that wasn’t at all what I meant.

  3. George says:

    Bad word, yeah right, remember in Germany you can also get arrested for giving the “okay” sign, flipping someone off, or pointing to your head………whatever. How bout a good ol country ass whuppin????!!!? I know from personal experience, that stirs up a German in a big hurry……. Holy shit, does it ever!

    • julieyoujest says:

      What!? I can be arrested!? I thought I’d just get a ticket or something and only if I did it on the autobahn and only if I did it in front of an officer – Volker should be in prison by now!

      Oh my gosh, I wish we had you on video flipping out in the ski lift line. Volker still cracks up laughing when he talks about it. I get very yelly when everyone is all up in my personal space!

  4. Yep, it’s mutual. I definitely love you, too!

    New here, so not sure what was wrong with Rachel, but glad my first visit is one in which she’s on the mend!

    Hoping to jump in to the Swearing Challenge (now that it’s halfway over, har) so I’m sure I’ll see you around some more. Plus I’m subscribing via my bloglovin reader so I don’t miss your posts! So glad you stopped by and said hello — can’t believe we hadn’t already met! 🙂

    • julieyoujest says:

      I know! Nice to meet you! I’ve got you on my Bloglovin’ feed as well.

      The first rule of swearing challenge is there are no rules – you can join at any time! At least that’s what I’ve decided since I’ve been hit or miss all month.

    • Yeah, what up with that? Why aren’t you doing the ABCs of Swearing?
      The Insomniac’s Dream recently posted…Whore It UpMy Profile

  5. Glad everyone is home, healthy and riding suitcases!
    Kate recently posted…Samaritans with good intentionsMy Profile

  6. I go away for a few days and look what happens!!
    I was just going thorugh all the posts that I’d miss and having a good chuckle, when it got to the part about Rachel being sick. My heart was in my mouth the whole time I was read what you were both going through.
    So glad that she’s okay and back to riding suitcases. You both had me worried there for a moment.

    Whether you want it or not, a virtual hug is winging it’s way across the pond as I write. 🙂
    Lily recently posted…A-Z Challenge – Z is for Zero Seconds To Countdown.My Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      It was AWFUL! From start to finish, it was 5 days but it felt like we were in that hospital for months. Tuesday night it was like there was no end in sight, all her symptoms were the same as the day before, then by Wednesday afternoon Rach was all, “Let’s get out of here!” She’s totally fine. I’m all “WTF? YAY!! What just happened? OK.” Seriously crazy.

      Thanks for the hugs! I need a lot of hugs!

  7. So awesome that Rachel is home! I hope she is attempting to fly again soon! It is amazing what mother’s (and father’s too sometimes) will do for their children at the expense of their own well-being. Someone definitely needs to bottle that shit!
    Cheers from B
    Brandy recently posted…Hell and Back (THANK YOU Hyperbole and a Half)My Profile

  8. Oh wow, can’t believe the week you just had. You went through all of this and still found the energy to write? Hats off to you, Supermom!

    I’m glad to see your daughter’s back home. You can breathe easy now, so make sure you take care of yourself. A good fourteen days of sleep sounds about right.
    Suzanne Lucas recently posted…Cystic Fibrosis: What Would You Do? My Profile

  9. I am so glad to hear the hospital drama is over. As for German swear word, back in high school I was an exchange student in Germany. It’s all coming back to me now, one naughty word at a time 🙂
    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes recently posted…School Moms Are Heroes! (I Thought Homeschooling Kept Me Busy)My Profile

  10. You made a Doctor Who reference. You’re my new best friend. In a totally creepy way, obviously.
    The Insomniac’s Dream recently posted…Panic! (And Not At the Disco)My Profile

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