Ode to Matt Dromi

Matt Dromi is the coolest guy ever.  Yesterday, I met with the team at Modthink for lunch and to plead for help with the blogosphere.  Does anyone even use that term anymore?  If so, can we stop?  I’m not a fan.  Blogosphere – sounds like throw up.  Anyway, I’m sitting beside super genius, Matt Dromi, who has mastered freaky Internet magic like he’s using Jedi mind tricks.  Just by hitting a couple buttons he makes everything happy and sunshiny.  We had a great first meeting and I’m looking forward to all the things Modthink can help me with – I need a crazy amount of help, y’all.

Here’s how I thank them – specifically Matt.

matt thankyou

Brent Robinson!?  What the…?!  Make no mistake, Carla Murray liked this because she was laughing her ass off.   So, while I’m sure this Brent is a super smart guy, I’ve never met him in person.  Not once. *facepalm*

So in an attempt to grovel, I’ve composed this poem for Matt (not Brent. Brent has caused enough trouble.)


Ode to Matt 

There once was a girl from Nantucket

Blogging but ready to junk it

Enter the Wizard Matt

Who fixed it in no time flat

So grateful she publicly thanks the wrong guy and dies a little inside.  For the love of all that is good in the world, please forgive her. She’s an idiot.

The End.


Yeah, I’m not a poet.  Please post gift suggestions.


American German – language lesson #11

Es tut mir Leid (es toot meer lied)  – Roughly the equivalent of saying “I apologize” or “I’m sorry” or you could just say “Sorry” because everyone knows that one.


  1. How did you know – I still chuckle everytime I think about it 🙂 So YOU!!!

    Name tags for everyone at Modthink. Really nice ones, not those paper sticky ones. Brass ones like a suitcase tag that pin on to their shirts……..
    Perhaps Like This

    Hello Julie
    My Name is _______________

  2. Matt Dromi says:

    You are wonderful. Lunch was such a pleasure, and I can’t wait for the next time we hang out with you!
    Matt Dromi recently posted…View from Brent’s Office: modthink Monday morningMy Profile

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