I think my dog is a Republican.

Otis - mostly, he's awesome but sometimes, he's a butt-head.

I'm not one to get crazy political.  I have views that land on either side of the political game board  - honestly, most land left of center but my house, family, friends represent pretty much the whole spectrum.  There is a lot of debate at times … [Continue reading]

Star tours of Bentonville

This is art at Bentonville's The Hive restaurant.  Tom Cruise totally ate here.  Not exactly here but in the restaurant.

Bentonville, Arkansas is quite the hub for famous people.  Yes, I just typed that with a straight face.  Drew Barrymore is totally moving here and we'll probably be best friends because she's quirky and I'm quirky and I can quote Ever After, I … [Continue reading]

Antique stores are awesome in Austria…and a bit terrifying.

Mother of God, get me out of this store.

We're home!  We flew through Chicago during Fropocalypse, so that was a nightmare…another story for another post.  Today, we're going back in time to when I was still in Austria. It was our last day in Kirchberg, Volker was ready to hit the slopes … [Continue reading]

Everyone should own a floating head.

He wouldn't let me buy this one either.

Last week, I was roaming the streets of Innsbruck with Volker and Rachel when we happened upon a store full of awesome.  Antique books and paintings and jewelry and super cool stuff.   Me:  Holy…What the balls?  That is … [Continue reading]

MOST of the traditions here I LOVE, Volker.

The kids get a cheeseburger with a freaking roman candle/sparkler thingy shooting out of it.  I wanted one!

New Year's Eve in Austria is amazing.  Seriously, this group knows how to celebrate.  We start by eating six courses of awesome for dinner. After dinner, we roll ourselves outside, have a few drinks and await the countdown.  As soon as the … [Continue reading]