Mangled in translation -or- I’m gonna need my tongue sandblasted

It's like cheese puffs only peanut butter flavored and not at all gross.

As soon as we land in Germany, we're on the hunt for these... Volker was in charge of grabbing them and somehow, he picked up these instead... They weren't steak flavored instead of peanut butter.  Nope.  That might have been … [Continue reading]

Abducted by aliens would have been a better story.

…might as well do it here.

Remember how I said I'd explain my hiatus later,  well, it's later... I'm a good person.  Ask anyone.  However, I can't help but be suspicious that I've pissed off some higher power whose main objective for all of eternity is  kicking the shit out … [Continue reading]

To all the crazy, twisted freaks…Welcome.

This toenail is cancer free.

You know when you read about some awesome thing that happens to other people but couldn't possibly happen to you.  You're happy for them and all but secretly hope - Someday, maybe, I will be writing about how this happened to me.  Well, for me, that … [Continue reading]

It’s an almost-Christmas miracle. Miracle is too strong…surprise, maybe or just post. It’s an almost-Christmas post.

It's my favorite place in the world…so far, I haven't been everywhere yet.

It's been over two months - I know, I'll explain* later - but today, it's Christmas (sort of - at least it's still December).  Happy Holidays!  We're back in Austria to celebrate the season.  I love this place. We got here in time to celebrate … [Continue reading]

Animals do not play well with animal ringtones – Bad Duck.

This is what happens when you have an animal ringtone, people.   Get the Doctor Who theme song like a normal adult.

Today, I was going to post something about how I've been in a funk and how I feel all crummy and how having diseases sucks up the place (alert the presses)...blah, blah, cry me a river, blah.  I was typing away when I get a text from my niece to call … [Continue reading]