My ridiculous obsession with television.

Fast cars and dangerous men...I was 8.

Television and I have a very long history.  There are those that warn of the evils of TV but truth be known, TV made me smarter.  I can still recite the preamble to the Constitution, know the process for becoming a law, get the function of a … [Continue reading]

An early birthday surprise that might be responsible for tearing the fabric of time. My bad.

New laptop taking a picture of the old laptop when the space time continuum started to tear...I hope I didn't cause permanent damage.  Let me know if you see a bunch of balloon cars, dinosaurs or Winston Churchill.

You guys!  My husband gave me a new laptop for my birthday!  Two weeks early!  Probably because he loves me but MAYBE because he was tired of me complaining about my old crappy laptop (which was also Rachel's old crappy laptop, so I had a … [Continue reading]

I’ll see your fish wine and raise you one new bowling obsession.

What is the hatter with me?

Last month, we had six Germans visiting us.  There was a bit of rain one week so we were challenged with finding some entertaining indoor activities.  Y'all, Volker discovered, right here in Northwest Arkansas, an indoor go-cart track!  … [Continue reading]

Extreme Dreams and OREOs

I do have a lake and a shark, there's that.

You know how I keep saying that I'm feeling better?  I'm such a liar.  In the past month, I've had an upper respiratory infection,  throat ulcers (ewwww),  a "boil-like" skin infection (I know, disgusting.  It felt like someone left an iron on my … [Continue reading]

Being water logged is not as fun as it sounds.

That's better.

This morning at 4 am, I was sleeping and minding my own business when the phones started screaming at me.  Flash Flood Warnings!!!  Every 5 minutes!  "Ok, I got it, already.  Stop yelling at me.  I live on a hill for fuck sake and I'm SLEEPING. … [Continue reading]