Just sign it up his ass and other helpful tips I gave The Bloggess.

Friday, Cindy and I left Topeka and drove like lunatics to St. Louis.  The Bloggess book signing or bust.  A couple things I learned about Cindy, she has a bladder the size of a miniature poodle’s and she’s one of those people who will reach across the car while you’re driving and lay on the […]

Kansas, The Bloggess, and a whorehouse

I’m in Kansas visiting friends.  Today, we are road tripping it to St. Louis.  We’re off to see the The Bloggess, the wonderful wizard of web.  Since I’m in Kansas, I’ve been making lots of Wizard of Oz references – Kansans love it when you do that. Yesterday, Cindy and I picked up her 8-year-old […]

Cyst and surgery and birthday. Oh, why?

This is not a real post.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’ve seen it on several other blogs and I just want to make sure I’m following blogging etiquette rules.  This is more of an update. Ok, I was missing for a week again.  The past several days have been a bit crazy.  I […]