This can’t be normal.

I just realized that this is the second post in a row with dogs and PETA.   This isn’t going to become a thing.  Next post will be about cats.

My super powered steroid shot has officially worn off which super sucks because I feel like crap.  As a parting gift, the steroid shot left me with 10 extra pounds.  I just picked food off of my jeans because if I wash them they’ll no longer be stretched out enough to fit over the new addition to my ass and I was hungry.

Today I was able to roll out of bed and drag my giant ass to art class where I learned something totally new and disgusting.

Warning – you won’t be able to unlearn this.

Dogs douche.  Yep.  It’s a thing.  My friend’s dog had a problem with her “doggie biscuit” which was remedied with a dog douche.  Oh, and just so you’re prepared, doggie douching is a two-man job – my friend had her son help out.  I had so many questions that I didn’t get to ask because my mouth was full of throw up.

So, is this done with a bag and a hose of some kind?  Is there a special doggie douche section at the Wal-Mart?  Is the dog prancing around afterwards mocking the other dogs with not so fresh vaginas?

Where would one go to get a doggie douche, you ask?  I turned to Google…

dog douche

Holy shit, people.  I can honestly say that until today I hadn’t given a single thought to the health of my dog’s vagina.  I can’t say for sure whether my dog even has a vagina.  We’ve all lost our ever-loving minds.


American German – language lesson #15

Auch Hundevaginas brauchen Liebe. (auk who-n-da-vwa-geen-as brow-ken lee-ba) Dog vaginas need love too.  Don’t be gross(er).  You’re welcome, PETA.

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