V is for Volker – The German word for awesome.

You know when you make a really bad decision but from that comes something great?  Well, that sort of happened.

This is my husband, Volker.  I’m going to sing his praises in a minute.

Yeah, yeah, he's cute and all but my neck looks fabulous in this picture.

Yeah, yeah, he’s cute and all but my neck looks fabulous in this picture.

This is my first Theme Thursday post – WooHoo!  When I read that the theme today was Do-Overs, my mind immediately went to things I regret.

You know when people say they have no regrets…are they psychopaths?

Seriously, I could pick from no less than 100 Do-Overs.  It’s risky though, all that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.  A single change in one minor decision point could throw the whole of my existence into flux and my existence, as it stands now, is awesome.  Well, I would like to be healthy and capable of getting through a day without needing to nap every 20 minutes but other than that, great…also, nerve pain, I could do without all the nerve pain.  Better eye-sight would be a plus.  Cellulite is stupid.  And I have this cyst on my nose that looks like a wart, that’s unfortunate.  Ummm, this is supposed to be about my amazing husband.

I regret that last paragraph.  See how easy that was, no-regret people?

Volker is the one in the blue.

Volker is the one in the blue.

This sums up the type of man I married, one morning I was mesmerized by the Home Shopping Network, there was this awesome sewing slash embroidery machine and I thought it was the coolest thing EVER.  Volker witnessed this for maybe five seconds, mumbled something about having too much crap and left the room.  Six months later, on my birthday, that machine was wrapped and waiting for me.  He pulls stuff like that all the time.  He probably has a “How to freak out my wife” notebook hidden somewhere.   Sweet, thoughtful, kind, generous, funny…he ticks all the boxes.  I’m very lucky but I wasn’t always .

At 22, long before I met Volker, I was married.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t a happy one.

Some would say that I stayed in that marriage for way too long (ok, everyone who knew me at the time says that) but I say that I was always exactly where I was supposed to be so all the stars could align and  I could end up here.  In the place I am now with this sexy hunk of a man, who loves me in spite of myself, loves our daughter like she his own, AND does the dishes after dinner like it’s his job or something.  I did nothing to deserve this do-over but I’ll take it!

more ski bunnies

Rachel and Volker – Awww

And Rachel got to grow up seeing what happy looks like.  That’s something she’s always deserved.


American German – language lesson #50

Holt Euch selber einen.  Dieser gehoert mir!  (holt oyck zell-ber eye-nen.  Dee-ser ga-hurt mere)  Get your own.  This one is mine!  Yes, he’s as awesome as he sounds.

This was my first Theme Thursday post – FUN.  Check out what some other awesome bloggers are saying about Do Overs this week by clicking on the blue squiggly thing.


  1. wonderfully entertaining post. 🙂

  2. Aww, you’re a smitten kitten!
    Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous recently posted…W is for Women’s Liberation: or no sex please, we’re women…My Profile

  3. aaawwhhhh that was so sweet and man if I could do over my regrets…the world wouldn’t be as it is now, probably way more awesome ….

    Volker a good strong German name or is it? Hmm can Americans pronounce it or does it end up like “Wolker”?
    Poke The Rock recently posted…Very very lateMy Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      I could do a whole post on how Americans (especially my family) pronounce my husband’s name (yes, he’s very German). Once they find out the ‘V’ sounds more like an ‘F’ – It’s hilarious.

  4. Volker sounds wunderbar! It’s amazing how some detours in life lead us right where we ought to be.
    Tommia recently posted…Vacation of the MindMy Profile

  5. Sounds like a lucky man found a lucky lady 🙂
    Kate recently posted…Whatever’s cleverMy Profile

  6. D’awwww *sniff*
    Marjorie McAtee recently posted…W is for West Virginia JokesMy Profile

  7. He’s amazing! My husband is like that with gifts, too. I always feel like an ass getting him something off of his wishlist. He’s gotten me a sewing machine, roller skates, a tattoo, and Rolling Stones tickets, all without me ever asking for them (those would be four of the five greatest gifts I’ve ever received).
    Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 recently posted…I Want a Wedding Do-OverMy Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      Yeah, it’s like my husband is actually listening when I’m rambling on about crap. I’m gonna start talking about Italy a lot.

      It sounds like you’ve found yourself a keeper! A tattoo and Stones tickets!? Awesome! Oh, and I LOVE ROLLER SKATING! And I sew. We should be friends.

  8. Julie that was such a beautiful post. The bit about being where you needed to be so that certain things could align, made absolute sense. But the part that brought a tear to the eye, was “And Rachel got to grow up seeing what happy looks like. That’s something she’s always deserved.”

    Amazing post. 🙂
    Lily recently posted…A-Z Challenge – X is for X-ray and Laser Beam eyes.My Profile

  9. Sounds like a wonderful do-over.

    Rhonda @Laugh Quotes
    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes recently posted…Xebec No More – Travel Tips to Cruise the Mediterranean (#AtoZ Travel Tips)My Profile

  10. Hi, Julie,
    I can tell you’re in love with Volker.
    Have a great weekend.
    J.L. Campbell recently posted…The X-Factor in Christine’s OdysseyMy Profile

  11. MOMMA!!! This had me laughing and crying. I’m so happy you married Volker and I couldn’t be more blessed by the two of you. Now write more funny stuff and less sentimental crap so I don’t have to cry.
    Rach recently posted…“I will not take my love away when praises cease and seasons change the whole world turns the other…”My Profile


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