Weekend at JuJu’s (nothing like Bernie’s, except the dead guy)

I have a four year old in my house.  It’s been 17 years since spending this much time with a toddler.   I’m typing this with my eyes closed.   Seriously, how do moms with multiple kids function?  Kudos to all y’all!

This is my nephew, Hunter.

Hunter Calm

Isn’t he cute!?  He enjoys reading, the BBC, and quietly sitting while pondering the meaning of life.

Oh, wait, that’s me.  He can’t stop moving.  He ran in a circle for an hour and then did a wildly inappropriate interpretive dance to “We are the World” (Not the Michael Jackson version, that would be weird).  I’d post the video but I’m leery of men in uniforms showing up at my house and I’m saving it for his high school graduation.

I literally just fell asleep with my hands on the keyboard.  How the did I ever do this?  I can survive a few more days, right?  After which my entire house will need to be hosed down because everything is sticky.  The dog is walking around with a Lego stuck to his back.  It’s like the kid sweats honey.

Then there are moments like this

Hunter Great Grandpa

And this one.

Hunter the Genius


One more

Hunter and Rachel

So, I called his mom and asked if he could stay longer.  She said yes.  She may never get him back.  It’s exhausting but, come on, look at that face!  Crap, I just nodded off again.


American German – language lesson #20

Ich brauche ein Nickerchen (ick brock-a ine nick-ar-shin) – I need a nap.  Hunter will never say this in any language but I haven’t stopped saying it since he got here.

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