Y is for Yeah, that happened today. “What a dork” will come to mind a lot while you read this.

You know that inspiring blogger award post yesterday?  Remember how I listed  The Bloggess?

No biggie.  Lots of people are inspired by her.  But not everyone is a super dork.  In my gooberness and because I follow some rules, I felt compelled to let her know that she had made my list.  I mean, I let everyone else know – logic can be dangerous, yo.  So, I sent her an email.  Yeah, I did.  AND, I’ve copied and pasted it her for your enjoyment.  So.  Enjoy and feel free to be embarrassed for me.  I wasn’t even very drunk.

To:  The Bloggess
Subject:  The Queen of Inspiring

Hi.  I’m Julie.  We’ve met.

The Bearded Ladies

This was in St. Louis, Drinks with Jenny Lawson.  It looks like Cindy is trying to steal Copernicus.  She would never do such a thing…after only two drinks.  You really can’t see me in that one so here’s another…
Jenny and Sid
with Sid Vicious – who I totally searched for and found to GIVE to you but then decided I needed to keep him because, apparently I’m a total bitch.  He’s still pissed by the way.

I’m emailing you because you’re awesome.  I started a blog in January.  After reading yours, I was inspired.  Last week, I was given the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award by a fellow blogger (I know, so cool).  It’s one of those awards that you accept and pass on like some kind of blog chain letter, only really nice and thoughtful and I’ve never heard of anyone dying if they didn’t forward it to 10 people in 60 seconds, so that’s an added plus.

In response to my new prestigious award, I made a list of bloggers that inspire me and now I’m informing them of their brilliance.   I understand that more established blogs usually don’t participate in these things and I so get that – I put you on my list anyway.  I’m new and just don’t know any better.

I couldn’t make a list of inspiring bloggers without including you.  How could anyone for that matter?  You’re the effing Queen of Inspiring.

But what do I have to do, Julie?  Such a good question  Just know that you’re my inspiration (but not in a creepy Peter Cetera singing kind of way) so I’m sorry if I suck, it’s probably not your fault.  Otherwise, nothing.  I know.  So easy.

This is the link to the post

I hope you have a great week.  Thanks for sharing your quirktasticness with the world!
PS:  The post about Sid and your book signing –  I shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.
Long winded much?  Then, today, this appeared…
Holy Fucktastic!  I know, I know, I'm a full on dork but I flipped my shit like David fucking Tennant had just landed the TARDIS in my yard.

Holy Fucktastic! I know, I know, I’m a full on dork but I flipped my shit like David fucking Tennant had just landed the TARDIS in my yard.

Ok, now I like her even more.  I replied to her comment with this gem…


You’re welcome!

Sidebar (not for Jenny):  That just happened, y’all.  Somebody needs to bring me a paper bag and I may have just peed myself – so, paper towels too.  What does a stroke feel like?

Just kidding.  I’m totally cool.  What up, Bloggess?

Another sidebar:  I’m not even a little bit cool.


Am I the only one who goes a little super goober over this kind of stuff?  Just humor me and say no!

American German – language lesson #53

Sie ist nicht David Hasselhoff. (zee ist nickt da-vid hass-el-hoff)  She’s no David Hasselhoff.  My husband doesn’t get the Hasselhoff references.  He’s German and he’s never been a big fan of The Hoff.  He swears he never owned a one of his albums.  Someone in Germany was buying all those records!  He just informed me that he and his friends liked Baywatch but not for David.  Sure.




  1. I will proudly join you in your gooberness…the Bloggess fucking ROCKS! Not only is she hysterically funny, but her openness about depression and anxiety has been an inspiration to so many (myself included) who have suffered in silence for way too long. Totally envious that you got to meet her! And ultra-cool that she visited your blog and left a comment…it’s like Jesus appearing as a face in your toast. If your blog was made of bread. Or something. You know what I mean 😀

    I have yet to meet anyone from Germany who admits to being a Hoff fan, but as you said, SOMEONE is because the dude has achieved smarmy-god-like status there
    Maple Syrup Land recently posted…Hug your hairstylist today. DO IT!!My Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      Like grilled Cheesus. I know exactly what you mean! I have family that suffer with anxiety and one with bipolar disorder. We scream “Depression Lies” together. She can’t always articulate how she’s feeling or how I can help – sometimes there’s just nothingness. It’s so foreign to those who don’t suffer through it – impossible to wrap your brain around. I don’t know how many times I’ve read something from The Bloggess and thought, “Oh, I get that.” or “I’m a bonehead if I say or react this way and not being at all helpful.” It’s a big deal. I’m happy to be a super goober. And she’s so freaking funny it’s ridiculous.

  2. I can’t believe I don’t know her yet. I had better get busy. She, like you, sound awesome 🙂
    Rhonda @Laugh Quotes recently posted…Zeus says Bring a Sense of Humor (AtoZ Travel Tips and WW)My Profile

  3. holy tardis batman!!! that’s amazing, well done!

    Don’t hassle the hoff…no I don’t know why people think germans are obsessed with him, we aren’t I swear…
    Poke The Rock recently posted…Don’t stop me now…My Profile

    • julieyoujest says:

      Right!? I’ve yet to meet a single German that’s actually a fan. It’s a mystery.

  4. I too was able to meet the Bloggess at a book signing and like you I was a total dork. I told her how much she helps me deal with my panic attacks and how much she means to me and I almost cried!! I was just overwhelmed. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone in my love (non-sexual) for her.

    • julieyoujest says:

      That is awesome. I’m a little weepy just reading your comment. It’s amazing how many people she’s touched in some way. In my previous job, I met celebrities and ‘powerful’ people fairly often. No problem. I met The Bloggess and turn into a bumbling dufus.

  5. I feel embarrassed not knowing who the bloggess is. I don’t think your email was that bad, it’s just obvious that you appreciate her. 🙂

    Congrats for completing a-z.

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